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      Lianyungang Tebiete Biochemistry Co., Ltd.


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      FIRE RETAR More>> FIRE RETARDENTS 1,2,5,6,9,10-He...
      FINE CHEMI More>> FINE CHEMICAL 2-Amino-5-fluor2-Amino-5-chlor2-Amino-5-iodob
      PESTICIDE ... More>> PESTICIDE INDTERMEDIATE dimethyl 2-chlo...1,3-Dioxolane,2...2-(Bromomethyl)...
      PESTICIDE ... More>> PESTICIDE INDTERMEDIATE · 15% kill indoTebuconazole 45· 30% tricyclaz

      This product is a broad-spectrum pyrethroid insecticides, pest has a very strong contact action, Pharmacy acting on the nervous system of the insect is a strong nerve agents. Both good stomach poison, repellent, poor feeding and Ovicides. Can effectively protect the crops and the persistence of long time using a variety of pest is the drug of choice for pollution-free vegetables. Prevention and other caterpillar pests occur in the 2nd instar larvae start, with 2.5% deltamethrin EC 2500-5000 times diluent spray. This concentration can be used for the prevention and treatment of litura, aphids and other pests, the persistence of 10-15 days. Prevention and control of diamondback moth, cabbage webworm, ginger borer, cotton bollworm and other pests in the early 2nd instar larvae, with 2.5% to deltamethrin milk l 000-1500 times, uniform spraying. Diamondback moth and other pyrethroid pesticide resistance, the control efficiency is poor. Combat yellow melon, the striped flea Jiadeng pests, in the early stage of the nymph, adult, with 2.5% the Deltamethrin diluted 2500-4000 times spray, the persistence of up to 10 days. Prevention and control of soil pests such as black cutworm in the evening, when instar greater than the third instar, with 2.5% deltamethrin EC 1000 times watering the roots.